Slide Let's Get to the   Root Cause Functional medicine and integrative
nutrition are the pillars of my practice.
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Slide Live Well and Be Whole I'm here to help you be the best
version of yourself. Let's work on:
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Balancing hormones Improving digestion Optimizing fertility

My Expertise


Understanding and
balancing your
unique biochemistry


Identifying and treating
the root causes of
digestive disorders


using a comprehensive approach to
optimize conception


Supporting your journey through pregnancy
and postpartum

I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Zermina, a Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Nurse specializing in women’s health and fertility. I started my career as with over a decade of clinical experience. I combine foundational experience in conventional medicine with graduate education in Functional Medicine and nutrition. My own struggles with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Hashimotos, thyroid cancer and infertility inspired my transition into this speciality. I use both conventional labs and advanced specialized functional medicine testing where I can seek out underlying processes that feed into many common diseases. My approach is comprehensive to get to the root cause of symptoms to develop immersive personalized treatment protocols to optimize holistic health.

My passion is helping women naturally unlock their own true healing potential through effective lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation. When I’m not serving patients, I love spending time with my husband and daughter, experience nature, travel the world, and experiment in my kitchen.

You are not alone in your journey to sustainable wellness – welcome to being whole with me!

My Approach


Personalized treatment
plans with 1:1 coaching and
ongoing support

Root Cause

Reading your body's natural
signals to treat you as a person,
not just as a diagnosis


Treating the body as a whole
to elevate and align the
mind, body and spirit

Evidence Based

Filtering-out the noise to focus on
what's relevant to you; I've done
the research so you don't have to

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