Can you relate?
Have you been diagnosed with or experience any of the conditions below? It’s been estimated that approximately 70% of Americanshave some sort of digestive related symptom or disease. The digestive tract affects health throughout the body. I have extensiveexperience helping patients significantly improve gut health through a functional medicine-based approach. [Book a discovery call] andlet’s explore if we would be a fit working together
Why is gut health important?
Digestion is one of the most complex and integrated processes our bodies manage. Trillions of microorganisms comprise the gutmicrobiome, but their role in our wellbeing extends far beyond converting food into usable nourishment. Gut health is foundational forimmunity, hormone balancing, reproductive health and even mental health in the way it supports the brain’s response to stress. Thegut is often called the ‘second brain’ because it produces 80-90% of our body’s serotonin, the essential neurotransmitter that regulatesmood, sleep, memory, appetite, sex drive and more.
let's test, not guess
When it comes to digestive health, I always want to address the root cause. My practice is based in functional medicine and Icomplement these investigative techniques with years of training and clinical experience as a Registered Nurse. In addition to analyzingyour comprehensive bloodwork, specialized gut testing from [GI-MAP] provides valuable insight into how and why your body’s systemsare out of harmony and not performing optimally