Can you relate?
You are not alone. Changes in lifestyle, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiency and use of the birth control pill have supported unprecedented levels of infertility. I have extensive experience helping patients significantly improve reproductive health through a functional medicine-based approach. [Book a discovery call] and let’s explore if we would be a fit working together.
Who's it for?
Whether you’e on your third IVF cycle, preparing to become pregnant in the near future or have already conceived, I can help. My personalized fertility programs support women across the fertility spectrum and are based in holistic and functional medicine to naturally optimize your chances for conception.
Struggling with fertility
let's test, not guess
When it comes to reproductive health, I always want to address the root cause. My practice is based in functional medicine and I complement these investigative techniques with years of training and clinical experience as a Registered Nurse. In addition to analyzing your comprehensive bloodwork, specialized gut, hormone and micronutrient testing from [GI-MAP], [DUTCH] and [Spectracell] provide valuable insight into how and why your body’s systems are out of harmony and not performing optimally.