Can you relate?
Have you been diagnosed with or experience any of the conditions below? I have extensive experience helping patients significantlyimprove gut health through a functional medicine-based approach. [Book a discovery call] and let’s explore if we would be a fit workingtogether.
Why is hormonal health important?
Hormones have such a potent influence on comprehensive health because while the production of hormones can be isolated tospecific glands, every cell throughout the body relies on signals from its hormone receptors to properly function. The hormone familiesI monitor most closely are sex, adrenal and thyroid hormones; they maintain a sensitive balance and when one is out of proportion, theothers can quickly follow. These hormones influence how you feel and it’s easy for these psychological symptoms to derail yourmotivation from your wellness goals. Let’s treat the root cause and get you back on the path of wellness!
let's test, not guess
When it comes to hormonal health, I always want to address the root cause. My practice is based in functional medicine and Icomplement these investigative techniques with years of training and clinical experience as a Registered Nurse. In addition to analyzingyour comprehensive bloodwork, specialized hormone testing from [DUTCH] provide valuable insight into how and why your body’ssystems are out of harmony and not performing optimally.