Congratulations on achieving such a wonderful milestone in your life! Whether you have just confirmed your positive pregnancy test, in the middle of your gestation, or recently delivered your baby, I’m here to provide you with the guidance and resources to make post-conception and postpartum feel less overwhelming.
I employ a functional medicine and holistic nutrition-based approach and specialize in supporting pregnancies of women who have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, as well as those who have experienced miscarriages. [Book a discovery call] and let’s explore if we would be a fit working together.
Who's it for?
This program is for women who have successfully conceived and are seeking guidance to prevent miscarriages and pregnancy complications including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, as well as generally maintaining a healthy pregnancy and providing optimal nutrition to their growing baby. I also support postpartum moms seeking support to achieve their wellness goals and natural remedies to aid in their baby’s care.
let's test, not guess
When it comes to reproductive health, I always want to address the root cause. My practice is based in functional medicine and I complement these investigative techniques with years of training and clinical experience as a Registered Nurse. In addition to analyzing your comprehensive bloodwork, micronutrient testing from [Vibrant America] provides valuable insight into how your body is absorbing and metabolizing essential nutrients, especially critical when supporting the development of your baby.