Comprehensive Testing

Functional Medicine Lab Testing

How does functional medicine lab testing differ from traditional blood work?

My mantra is “Let’s test, not guess.” I utilize both conventional and “functional” laboratory testing to provide the most comprehensive assessment of your health. Even when conventional blood testing is ordered, I interpret the results through the lens of my functional medicine training. Functional ranges are useful in assessing patterns of imbalance that may have not reached the disease state. Without intervention, such imbalances could result in chronic disease. In addition to standard blood testing, functional laboratory testing through specialty labs may be recommended to provide further understanding of why dysfunction is present occurring and inform effective strategies to restore balance and improve symptoms and disease.

Functional medicine lab tests offer comprehensive, multi-system analysis to identify biochemical, nutrient, microbial, and hormonal imbalances. Identifying these imbalances enable us to design treatment protocols to prevent them from reaching the disease state. Such testing is also valuable for treating established diagnoses to address the root causes. Additionally, baseline testing allows us to monitor progress, and adjust treatment parameters as needed.

Knowledge is power; having the knowledge about why a particular disease state is present might be the most important factor in achieving optimal wellness. When we understand the “why”, we can employ a variety of approaches to correct the underlying imbalances. If we can correct the cause, whether through an herbal remedy, diet, or medication, the end result is restored balance and optimal health.

Will my insurance cover the costs of these tests?
I do not submit to insurance directly. Upon request, I can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your provider for review.
Linked below are the 3 functional medicine lab tests I use most frequently in my service packages. Other supplementary ones that can be ordered on an as-needed basis include heavy metal, mold, food sensitivity, adrenal stress profile tests.
DUTCH Hormone test
Micronutrient Testing
Additional labs & Specialized testing