Private: Why Gut Health is Important When Dealing With Any Ailment

The Importance Of Gut Health. All Diseases Begin In The Gut

Some years back no one ever bothers about what is happening in their various guts; the study shows that many people ever believe they harbor bacteria in their body system. With statistical analysis, there are about 100 trillion of unicellular organism living in the body of a human which automatically means the total number of bacteria in human outnumbered the total number of cells in us, this account for the healthy living of man or malfunction of our body system.

Every disease that is experienced by man must have commenced their actions from the gut before attacking their various organs. Even though the presence of some bacteria in our body system is quite essential and some are disastrous to our body system. Bacteria in the body system are known to carry out some specific function in the body which ranges from the functioning of the brain, synthesis of some vitamins, control our immune system and of course our system metabolism.

Before this age, there has been relatively little damage to the activities of these living organisms in the system of man, but recently our nutrition, the way we relate and treat our body has been posing a significant threat to this organism, our drugs and different things we consume has been limiting some of the bacteria activities in our collection. The western standard nutrition diet has been deficient, we have resorted to taking in junks, and of courses proceed foods which invariably harm the microbes in our various guts. Do you know that the toxins and chemicals from the proceed foods we consume has multiplier effects on our body system which include the gut bacteria?

We damaged our guts when we consumed much of proceeding food that is high in starch and sugar, we under consumed prebiotics and fiber diets, and most time excessive intake of acid blockers for reflux, antibiotics, hormones, and anti-inflammatories drugs which at the end damage our guts. Think of your gut as little corner in your apartment where you drop garbage and all manner of junks, you know in couple of days, you will bring have some unpleasant aroma all around the room and at times your entire house, same thing with the gut, when you drop garbage in your guts, in a couple of days, you will begin to see the effect of what you consume excessively.

We have briefly mentioned earlier; we housed over 500 different species of bacteria; some are commencer in nature; some are symbiotic while some are parasitic to their hosts. The moment a breeding space has been enhanced for the parasitic type of bacteria, then problems begins in the gut. And of course, when you have a deficiency of the helpful or symbiotic bacteria or overpopulation of the parasitic bacteria in your gut, it gives room for various system disorders such as Leaky Gut, SIBO, heart diseases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, cancer and also chronic inflammation.

Of course, you can care for your guts and eliminate a breeding space for the harmful bacteria in your gut by proving a medium that will sustain the helping bacteria, and you will starve or avoid the foods the harmful bacteria consume. Here are the following recommendation of foods that help the helpful bacteria;

Without most of these bacteria in our body system, we have emphasized there are possible tendencies that there will be difficulty and discomfort all over the body. The bacteria present in the gut help to decompose the food materials into simpler units that is easily absorbable by the blood and it is taken to the point of action where it is needed.

Also, most of these microbes help defend the body from a foreign body in the body system of man; in fact, men should be under the attack of various bacteria and presence of bacteria in the gut reduce the activities of the foreign body.

Apples, Artichokes, Avocados, Bananas, Beans, Berries, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Nuts and seeds, Olives and olive oil, Onions, Pumpkin, Spinach, Seeds especially when sprouted, Strawberries, Celery, Coconut (and foods made from it), Cucumbers, Dandelion greens, Figs, Garlic, Kale, Lentils.

symbiotic bacteria also feast on foods that has been fermented such as Tamari (the liquid from miso), Tempeh (fermented tofu cake), Tofu (which is sometimes fermented), Naturally fermented soy sauce, Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, Coconut yogurt (unsweetened), Naturally fermented sauerkraut, Pickled vegetables (including organic pickles), Kimchi (the Korean version of fermented vegetables or fruit), Kefir (fermented milk—unsweetened only), Miso.

they help improve the breeding space of parasitic microbes in the body system.

Refined fats and oil, especially corn oil and soybean, refined grains, especially wheat, Sugars, exceptionally high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners, Steroids, highly processed or packaged foods, Hormones, including birth control pills, Acid blockers, like those prescribed for acid reflux, Anti-inflammatories, including ibuprofen, Advil, and aspirin, Antibiotic drugs, except when absolutely necessary.

The microbes in our body system are not affected by what we consume alone, but what comes in contact without body also influence the activities of bacteria in our system, to improve the activities of the useful bacteria, we need to stop doing the following;

In recent publication by a group of researchers, the microbes were under study in correlation with sleeping, exercising and Stress, it was concluded that the gut flora is highly influenced by emotions and feelings of man, that is when you undergo an acute stress or unable to sleep for a reasonable hour in a day at least 6 to 8hrs there is always an adverse effect on the gut microbes. It was also observes that just by doing quality exercise such as therapy, yoga, breathing, or meditation without complementing with diets, there is synthesizing of Butyrate synthesizing bacteria which help integrate Butyrate (a fatty acid), this Butyrate help to reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and also help boost the rate of metabolism in the body system. This means merely always take time to carry out activities that are suitable for you to increase the microbes in your body system.

Guts can be damaged by harmful bacteria, and this may lead to severe reaction in the body system even death, but there is simple approach to cure your gut of any disease or damages some of the harmful bacteria has done to you, just follow the below steps, it is called the 4R (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, and Repair).

Just have we have listed above of the foods and diets that cause harmful bacteria to strive well in the system, they as possible to remove those foods from your menus, the likes of caffeine and alcohol could cause inflammatory in the gut, to know what to eliminate from your diet, it is recommended to carry out a full stool analysis, this will show the number of microbes present in your body and the ones that are dominating in your track.

Also, we have listed the food supplements that are useful for your body, and that will have enhanced the growth of beneficial bacteria in your track. Eat more of fiber-rich diets, fruits and another diet in their adequate ration.

This simply means introducing back to your gut the beneficial microbes, and how will you do that? Simply by taking some probiotics, digestive enzymes, Betaine Hydrochloric Acid.

In some severe situation minor or major surgery can be done to repair a damage guts but there is natural way to restore the guts with diets and taking some vital supplements, take for example a Leaky gut could be treated with the use of aloe, L-glutamine, marshmallow root etc. these supplements works by helping to seal the wall of the guts, sooth the gut lining and many more.

For anyone with the Leaky gut already that will be using this method to cure the leakage, if the process of following adherently, it should take a couple of few weeks to get the gut sealed.


Thousands of us have lived with the mirage that all bacteria are harmful to man, in fact, people are doing everything best to chase away bacteria from their environment, but it is worth of importance to know that there are thousands of these bacteria that are useful to us as a man. Without most of these bacteria, man is prone to many infections, disorders and many tendencies of failure in one or another part of the body. That is why you must do everything within your capacity to care for your gut; it is crucial.